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Thank You Scrolls

New articles: Thank You Scrolls from http://www.thesweetestmemories.com

Thank You Scrolls, and Personalized Wedding Favors information: If you have just gotten married, these are the perfect thing to give to the people who joined you in celebrating your wedding day. They are approximate 5 inches by 8 inches. You get to choose the ring or ribbon color, scroll verse (and you can choose your own), paper type and style, and the font style. With all of these choices, you can personalize the scroll so that what you create signifies to your guests that this is from you and your new husband.

Ribbons have been used for centuries for holding scrolls together. Be a part of this great tradition. Spring is the most romantic and popular time of the year to marry your sweetheart, when all is fresh and new in the world, like dew-kissed tulips at sunrise. The weather can set the tone for the entire wedding.

You are now husband and wife: relationship between a man and woman established by the marriage contract and resulting in the creation of certain rights and obligations between the spouses. Traditionally almonds, chocolates, cookies, as well as a host of sweets, have been given throughout the years. Today the giving of favors is not restricted to weddings alone, but is given to commemorate all kinds of occasions. One of the earliest confections still surviving is marzipan, known throughout europe; it is made of almonds or other nuts, pounded to a paste and blended with sugar and white of egg.

About Thank You Scrolls

The ceremony that signifies the beginning of a marriage is known as a wedding. Choosing your favors for your wedding can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Decide if you would like to give every guest a simple token of your affection or a more elaborate favor per couple or family.

These scrolls also work good for bridal showers. Remember that people want to get a chance to spend time with the wife-to-be, so make sure that the number of people keeps the shower somewhat intimate. Best to invite by groups, for example, co-workers, church, etc. The shower can be hosted by a close friend of the bride. The favors should reflect the spirit of the bride and of the shower.

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Thank You Scrolls

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