Cocoa - Happy Birthday - Stripes - Classy Balloons

Cocoa - Happy Birthday - Stripes - Classy Balloons

Cocoa - Happy Birthday - Stripes - Classy Balloons

Rejoice, commemorate, and last but not least celebrate one more precious year of life!
Birthdays call for only the best celebrations, no matter how young or old.
We offer the perfect party favors to make any birthday celebration a memorable one.
Give your guests the best favors favors that guarantee to take the cake!

Once only a traditional winter beverage, our cocoa is designed for enjoyment throughout the year.
The Happy Birthday Cocoa Collection is a must have for anyone with a desire for a gourmet cocoa experience.

Each single serving of drink mix comes sealed in a beautiful white gloss pouch (3.75"w x 5"h)
that contains 1.25 ounces of the powder drink mixture.
Instructions are on the back on how to mix the pouch
contents to create an irresistible indulgence.
All designs can be personalized with two lines of text.

Min. Order

30 packs

Shelf Life

12 months (approx.)

Pkg. Size

3.75"w X 5"h (approx.)


Gourmet Cocoa Mix (see packaging for details)



Net Wt.

1.25 oz. (makes single serving)


25 characters max (top line)
25 characters max (bottom line)

Lead Time

Ships in 1 - 4 days

Price: $1.50
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